Argan Rose Pampering Set

Argan Rose Pampering Set

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Argandia selected the Mother’s Day beauty picks to treat all of the wonder-woman like a queen. This Mother's Day Limited Gift Set WORTHS UP TO HK$1060! 

It included three items: 

  1. Argandia 100% Organic Rose Floral Water 150ml
  2. Argandia 5 Roses Argan Elixir with EO 30ml
  3. Argandia Argan Comforting Cream - Rose 50ml


100% Organic Rose Floral Water 150ml

The rose, queen of flowers, has always seduced by its scents, its magnificence and its elegance. This Beauty Water with generous virtues is composed of 100% organic rose floral water, is without preservatives. Thanks to its very fine mist, it helps your skin to regain all its freshness and radiance.


5 Roses Argan Elixir with EO 30ml

It fights against the appearance of time marks. Rose, Rosewood and Palmarosa essential oils visibly smooth the lines, while Rosehip and Evening Rose (Primrose) vegetable oils soften and regenerate your skin. This genuine beauty treatment, with its unique floral fragrance that speaks to your heart, revitalizes and illuminates your facial skin.


Argan Comforting Cream - Rose 50ml

This cream ideally comforts dry and sensitive skin. Made up of active moisturizers, this cream regenerates and instantly nourishes the skin. The natural ingredients soothe and protect the skins from external aggressions. Your skin will be soft, comfortable and bright. 

Main Active Subtances